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The Name

The legal name of your association is "The International Association of Lions Clubs."  It's entirely proper, however, to use the shorter form of "Lions Club International."

The Motto

The official motto of the association is simply "We Serve."  What better way to explain our mission?

The Slogan

The slogan is Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation's Safety.

Official Colors

The royal colors of purple and gold were selected as the official colors when the association was organized in 1917.  Purple stands for loyalty to friends, and for integrity of mind and heart.  Gold symbolizes sincerity of purpose, liberality in judgement, purity in life, and generosity in mind, heart and purse to those in need.

The Emblem

The current Lion emblem was adopted at the 1919 convention. Today, Lions throughout the world are recognized by it.  It consists of a gold letter "L" on a circular purple (or blue) field.  Bordering this is a curcular gold area with two Lions profiles facing away from the center.  The word "Lions" appears at the top, and "International" at the bottom.  The Lions face both past and future - showing both pride of heritage and confidence in the future.  Always wear your Lions emblem pin proudly.  And, since it's a registered trademark in most countries, remember it may never be used for commercial or fundraising purposes without prior permission from the Legal Division at International Headquarters.